Mojave Tools: Bug Reports


If you find a bug, post it here! Please let me know the Tool name and the exact page url the bug is found. Thanks!

When I click to Create a New Set, and then go to Cancel it redirects me another page.


Not really a bug, but more of a comment. The Demo Translation Set Box looks like an ad, and I was hesitant to click it.


Created issue #52 to handle this.


Created issue #53 to redesign this section.


This has been resolved and is scheduled for release by the end of the week.


RESOLVED: Testing has been completed and the patch has been pushed to the live site.


I’ve done some work on the site’s presentation and reorganized the layout some. Please take another look when you can and let me know what you think.

closed #9

As much as I like the idea of posting bug reports to a single topic for organization, larger bugs may require lengthy conversation in the future. I’m closing this topic in favor of individual topics for each bug report to avoid confusion.